The Redline

Short Run
The struggle to get food

It is late August and the weather is beginning to grow cooler. There are cloudy skies and soon the rain will be coming. Rain is both a sign of the good and bad that you will face throughout the autumn months. With luck the light drizzle won’t give way to a torrential down pour and flooding. There are at least a few good sunny days left of Summer.

Working at the Roadhouse has been a combination of boring, patients and hard labor. Yet as almost a year has past you all have been recognized in some form or another as capable individuals. Jack has sent for you and asked you to gear up. You sit down in the mess hall away from the locals and workers waiting for Jack. “Ty get the truck ready you’ll be leaving in a while,” says Jack as he comes out of the back. Jack moves toward you with purpose greeting some as he closes upon you. “Glad to see you all. I’ve got a supply run for you to make. Its easy and short.” He looks at you all with a stern face. “You are going to the town of Minot Just over a 100 miles from here. Your going to talk to a guy called the Fishman. You’ll drive into the city limits and park a designated spot then hike in to the old state fair grounds. Once your there I want you to find the main building and the flag pole where there should be a state flag.” He pauses and rubs the back of his neck. “You’re going to have to wait until night fall, lower the flag, flip it upside down and then raise it again. Stay put until morning and someone should come out to meet you and you’ll meet the Fishman.” Jack leans back in the chair and crosses his arms. “Your bringing back the winter’s supply of fish. Don’t get any funny ideas and don’t take chances. You’ve got 5 days to get there and back. You can do it in 3 but I understand you might want to get out and meet and or trade with the locals. There aren’t many of them and they’re really secretive. Don’t cause problems and don’t loose the fish. I’ll see you back here in 5 days. Go see Ty in the garage and make sure you have everything.”

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